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The Faith to Produce Miracles website is a blog by Dr. Brent Satterfield covering topics related to three main areas: 1) The book by the same name 2) The Law of Attraction and 3) Ascension. Individual posts discuss each of these topics from within different religious and cultural points of view; diversity of religious thought is celebrated. The site also includes information on the book, Faith to Produce Miracles, and on upcoming classes by the author.

A Personal Note from the Author

Brent and Jennifer SatterfieldHave you ever noticed that near-death experiences tend to reflect the culture of the person having the experience? What if one person had multiple experiences, but saw each through the eyes of a different culture? Who would they be? Would they be liberated by what they had seen or imprisoned – being unable to communicate in the language of any one culture or communicating in them all? That is my story and here I speak to people from all cultures who have the eyes to see something more beautiful. (Read more)

Core Posts

How does someone go from being a conservative Christian and DNA scientist/executive in a global biotech company to travelling the world studying miracles in different cultures?

DNABackstory for Faith to Produce Miracles
Several years ago, I was running a global-health company attempting to lower the cost of healthcare in the developing world. We had invented several new DNA-testing technologies for infectious disease that lowered the cost of testing by up to a hundredfold and the company looked like it might finally take off. Around the same time,… (READ MORE)


Galaxy with LightNDE Confirms Manifesting
If the light alone had been the end of my experience, it would have been enough. I felt so much joy in that state that I was certain if my body had been present I would have died. (READ MORE)



The Book Faith to Produce Miracles

“A book that actually produced a miracle in my life!!!! I read this book in 1 day, I could not put it down! …I experienced a thinning of the veil (which was supernatural and tangible to me) and then an outpouring of love followed by peace that I had never before experienced which has been lasting.”

“This book touched me so deeply! I’ve written notes in every page! Brent sees an honesty and perspective to faith that is hugely refreshing! I recommend this to any Truth seeker!” (Read More)


Brent Satterfield in IndiaDr. Brent Satterfield traveled the world to study and apply cross-cultural beliefs on ascension, energy healing, spiritual gifts, and experiencing God through the veil. Reading the words is great, but experiencing what those same words describe is better. Come experience the Faith to Produce Miracles in person. (Read More)